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15th Annual Chapter Rider Contest

The Riders Contest is a logbook of rides and other fun activities connected to your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. H.O.G. Chapter related events are also incorporated into the contest. Riding your bike and participating in group events is its own reward and the Riders Contest just adds to the fun. 

  • 1st place in total points will receive the following; Your name on the rider’s contest plaque located at the AAHD dealership. $100.00 prize 


  • 2nd place in total points will receive the following; $50.00 prize.


  • Random Winner One $25 prize will be awarded to one entrant drawn randomly from the non-winners.

Copies of the complete book are available at Chapter Meetings, Road Captains or can be printed from button below.

Points for Rides with different Road Cpatains!

Bring your Challenge book to the RC leading the chapter ride you are on and they will sign and date the ride under their name on page 7 & 8 of the challenge book. Each RC signature will earn you an additional 10 points for that Road Captain. You can only receive a signature from each Road Captain once, so make sure to go on a ride lead by each Road Captain this year to earn the maximum number of points!

See the example below for how this works

Screenshot 2023-03-28 10.13.05 AM.png
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